Our Beer:

Our goal is to brew the most balanced beers possible.  We brew all different styles, not to stay stuck on one.  We brew what we love. Farmhouse styles, IPA’s, Stouts, Seasonal and more.  We are always experimenting with flavor.  Brewing unconventional styles at times.

Willis Hill - 6.8%

American Farmhouse Ale.  Dry Hopped with Amarillo hops!  This beer is an easy drinker, with plenty of flavor! Made to go down smooth. Crowd pleaser.

Knuckle Buster IPA - 5.1%

This is our session IPA. Old style IPA! Bitter and Piney. Super Crushable!  We have all done it. Smashed your hand while trying to fix something! Hence the name “Knuckle Buster”.

Milk Stout- 6.1%

This beer is brewed with 100% of our own grown hops!! Nice and smooth with a touch of sweetness! Solid stout with nice rounded roasted flavors.

Lil’ Cloud- 5.2%

A traditional Hefeweizen!  The yeast provides a nice balance of banana and clove flavors.  Awesome beer for those hot summer days or year round!

Betty- 6.1%

Betty is brewed with ginger, lemon and local honey.  If your a fan of ginger it's a must try! However, if you don't like ginger… This beer is not for you!!

Septemberfest- 6.2%

Oktoberfest style beer. We just can’t wait till October anymore!

More styles coming soon.…